A.C.E Adventures

November update

Hello A.C.E. families!

We hope that November finds you well and enjoying this wonderful season of Fall! We have certainly been busy here at A.C.E. as we finished up our visit in South America and have moved onto ASIA!

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be doing and learning about this month:

Tour of the Continents: Asia

We will be "visiting" China, India, Japan, India, and Russia. We'll be sampling a variety of rices. Rice is a popular dish in Asia, and all of the countries have their own flare and way of preparing and seasoning the rice. We're excited to create beautiful lanterns and practice the relaxing exercise of Tai Chi. Did you know that jump roping is very popular in Japan? We'll be having a lot of fun with that! Ask your kiddo how to play Uffangali, it's a popular game in India that is played with seeds or dried kidney beans. They'll also be learning the game of P'yanitsa, a card game from Russia. We're excited to explore the amazing and diverse continent of Asia together!

*Another fun fact to talk about with your kiddo... Everyone in Vietnam has the same birthday, which is celebrated on the Vietnamese New Year (Their new year is called Tet.) How would you like to share a birthday with your whole country?!


Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

Bible Verse: Those who are generous are blessed for they share their bread with the poor. (Proverbs 22:9)

Special Days in November

2nd- NO SCHOOL for Springboro schools. Bright Beginnings open. ACE open for registered students (the email for registering will come soon)

21st - Thanksgiving Break - No Springboro schools, A.C.E in session for full day

22nd - 23rd - Thanksgiving Break No Springboro School, no A.C.E.

Monthly Missions

This is the start of a very busy giving season. There are a lot of ways to give. Please do not feel obligated, but if you are interested in helping the following are opportunities we are focusing on:

Giving Tree- Our Giving Tree will be up soon. The Giving Tree helps sponsor 60 area children for Christmas through the food pantries. A tree will be in the main hallway with “ornaments” on it representing children’s needs/wishes. Each ornament will contain 5 pieces: 1 for clothing, 1 for shoes, 1 for hats/mittens, 1 for underwear/socks and 1 for a special wish. There is a sign out book by the tree and you may sign out 1 or more pieces of the ornament (ex.- you may want to only purchase the shoes, or the toy, or maybe you take all of the pieces and sponsor the whole child)

New and/or Gently Used toys- There will be a table in the main hallway to collect these items. Please place new toys on the top of the table and gently used toys underneath (please do not bring toys that are broken or have pieces missing). These toys are used by the local food pantries to give to families who did not sign up in time to be on the Giving Tree.

New and/or Gently Used winter wear including hats/mittens/scarves- There will be a box in the main hallway to collect these items. These items will be disbursed to those in need through the food pantries and to the North Dayton school we sponsor.

Gift cards- There are many families we are aware of that need help, but would never ask for it. We are collecting gas cards, grocery cards, and cards for Meijer, Target, a Walmart to donate to these families so that they can be relieved of a little stress and be able to provide for their families. I know that I have such joy when I am able to go out and buy for my children. By giving gift cards we are able to help other parents feel that joy as they go out and experience the hustle and bustle.

Stockings/ Stocking Stuffers- We will be collecting stocking stuffers to give to the UMC Children’s Home, info will come soon on specific needs. Our Parent Connection will help to fill the stockings and prepare them for delivery as part of our December missions.

Thanks so much for all of your support and help. This season is full of hope, peace, love and joy. It can also be full of stress. By helping others you will be helping to relieve some of the stress that the holidays can bring. Of course, this is all optional! The last thing we want to do is add stress to you! If you are able and willing to help in any way- THANK YOU!