The Blake Buzz

Week of May 23-27, 2016

What's Happening this Week?

Thought for the Day:

It always seems impossible until it's done. ~Anonymous

Thank you for all you have done for Blake's children this year. Let's make this week as positive and cheerful as possible. Stick to routines, keep teaching the standards, and just keep being YOU--the best teachers and staff in JCPS!

Many of our students are not looking forward to the last day of school, because school is their safe place. As educators, you are often the first defense in the battle to protect our students from the hardships of life. You are the ones who watch for the child without a winter coat on, or even clean clothing and shoes that fit. You listen to stories of life without books or museums or summer vacations, and come to understand why your students love your classrooms and take joy in the simple things that you do for them. You are very aware of the contrast between what life in the richest country in the world should be, and what it actually is for many of our children.

This summer, take time to breathe, reflect, and enjoy your life. Be mindful of the good things around you and not take them for granted. Detox, de-stress, and regain your energy during this time by unplugging, getting plenty of rest, feeding your soul, feeding your body, guzzling lots of water, getting exercise, and trying meditation.

It's been a roller coaster ride this year, but we have persevered through the good times and the challenging times. Thank you for being present each day and being emotionally vested in our children's lives.

Best wishes to our retirees, Marion, Susan, Debbie, and Karen. Don't forget, Marion's retirement celebration is Wednesday night, and this Friday we will celebrate Debbie and Karen with cake and punch in the library at 1:00 p.m. Best wishes to Whitney and Shannon as they begin new chapters in their professional lives. We will miss all of you!

It is an honor to serve as your administrators. Thank you for putting your trust in us as we strive to do what is best for our students. - Susan and Leslie

Monday, May 23

  • Field Day
  • BLP teacher commitment forms due to Mrs. Glenn

Tuesday, May 24

  • 9:30am Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony practice in cafeteria
  • Faculty Meeting (ice cream with toppings will be provided)
  • Special area grades due to classroom teachers.

Wednesday, May 25

  • 10am Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony in cafeteria
  • 5-8pm Marion Johnson's Retirement Dinner at Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe
  • Team leaders turn in your grade level textbook inventories to Paula. Please include a list of students who have lost textbooks or other instructional materials.

Thursday, May 26

  • Last Day for Students
  • 9:45am 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Friday, May 27

  • Last day for most staff!
  • 1pm Retirement Celebration in the library for Karen Lawhorn, and Debbie Pratt! Cake and punch will be provided by the Social Committee.
  • VISIs and Cumulative folders (with student writing portfolios inside) must be turned in to Mrs. Johnson prior to leaving.
  • Make sure to bring a hard copy of your grade book, lesson plan book, and classroom key to the front office prior to leaving.
  • Ensure that all housekeeping tasks are signed off by Mr. Joe prior to leaving Friday.

Coming in over the Summer

Susan and/or Leslie will be in the building until June 10. If anyone needs to come in, just let us know by calling or texting, so we can make sure that the area of the building you need to enter is open. The floor will be retiled upstairs, but they do not know when. Joe will be giving us a schedule of floor cleaning/waxing.

REACH Program/Kaleidoscope Camp

The REACH Enrichment Program will be held at Blake on June 1-14, from 8am-1pm each day. Marion Johnson is the coordinator. Room 104 and the kindergarten rooms will be used. The FRC is also hosting a summer camp at Blake during this time, that also includes students from Okolona, Wilt, and Laukhuf.

PD Survey Results

The results of the professional development survey revealed that teachers want the following professional development , ranked in order of need:

1. Writing

2. Eureka Math

3. Guided Reading

4. Journeys

The following topics will also be offered in 16-17:

1. Culturally responsive teaching


3. ESL

4. Classroom management

5. Vocabulary

6. Mindfulness (Compassionate Schools Project)

7. Safe Crisis Management

We will work to develop an embedded PD schedule that is differentiated to meet the diverse needs of our instructional staff. We will also plan to provide professional development sessions at Blake in August when the summer programs are over and the building is clean. The Journeys program was adopted by our SBDM Council. PD will be provided to all teachers in grades 3-5 to ensure that you are ready to implement in 16-17 school year.