HPP- Hockey Goaltenders

Abi Serres

How did the Goaltenders of Hockey impact today's NHL?

In today's NHL world, many of the NHL Hall of Fame impacted today's way of hockey. The goaltender, Martin Broduer, really helped the NHL with setting safe rules for any kind of playing hockey. Billy Smith also helped the NHL by making a rule that goaltender's butt of their stick must be a center size. Even though Grant Fuhr did not really help the NHL with rules, he really did impact how most people think about black people's ability in sports.

What made them so good?

  • The goalies like Billy Smith or Grant Fuhr really whenever you saw them play, you could tell that they truly had it in themselves. Lets take Billy Smith for instance, he won over 2 Stanley Cup championships in his career. What do you think he did to get to be so good? Well, according to Wikipedia, it states that he would never give up.
  • For Grant Fuhr, he really could show white people that black people can truly have the same ability in sports as them. In his career he had played over 19 seasons and won six-time all-star award for his achievement. Now as you read that statement above, you would probably wonder how he got so good. According to one of Grant Fuhr's biography, Hockey is nonetheless an obsession for Canadians. In other words, since Grant Fuhr was a Canadian, he would never stop giving up his dreams.
  • Martin Broduer was a big idol in the NHL. He really helped out his players by being a big "wall" in front of the net against leading opponents. He got so well at the position by actually acknowledging his coaches on what he had to do to improve. He truly helped him own self by keep trying and trying.

What have I overall learned?

Overall I learned that hockey is one of the most important sports back then. It really helped most people stay active year round like Billy Smith or Grant Fuhr. I have learned that these players have truly impacted today's world.
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