Ghost Update

November 1, 2021

Dear RU Families,

We have reached the end of October. November and daylight savings are just around the corner. Students are still hard at work remembering the routines of school in a more typical school year. There are still challenges; the 5 day week is exhausting for many and we have been seeing those impacts in student behaviors. We have launched community building activities in Advisories throughout the school, and will continue to be as proactive as possible to address student needs. Remembering how to behave when we are all together and treat peers and adults with kindness and respect (treating others the way we want to be treated) are themes that we are trying to reinforce.

We have been reminding students to reach out to trusted adults when they are struggling. Whether that struggle is with a peer, an adult, or specific just to them, we have supports available.

We are also launching a partnership with Katja Evans at Gifford Medical Center and Scott Clouttre at the Orange County Sheriff's Department to provide more education around the use of vape and vape cessation for students who are already addicted to nicotine. We know that students are bringing vape to school and are addicted to it at very young ages, which has negative impacts on their lifelong health. Please follow this link to learn more about vape from the American Lung Association. Students who have concerns about vape at school should reach out to a trusted adult as soon as possible when they have a concern.


Lisa and Caty

Potions Labs!

Last week, 10th grade science teacher Deb Schaner built excitement and engagement around chemistry work. Above, from left to right you will see Deb's classroom decor for the lab, sophomores Shaelyn Young and Cadence Mailhiot, and sophomore Rowan Williams.

We Believe in Ghosts!

On Friday, October 29th the Varsity Girls' soccer team and the Cross Country team paraded through the halls of RU as advisories cheered them on to the the Division III Girls' Quarter Final in Stowe and the State Championship Cross Country meet in Thetford. Stowe was the number one ranking team in the division, so the girls knew that they had a challenge ahead of them. Stowe was able to score 4 goals in the game and shut out our offense. However, the Ghosts played the entire game with heart and as a team. It was a very exciting game and a hard fought defeat. We can't wait to see what next season brings. This game wrapped up high school soccer careers for seniors Abby Garvin, Wilder Grimes, and Emma Rogers.

In Thetford, our Cross Country Boys placed 5th in Division III, while junior Pablo Mendes led the team by placing 16th out of 100 male runners. Senior Cameron Kennedy also ran a solid race and placed 22nd.

Big picture
Above, Randolph fans and families cheer for the Ghosts at the end of their match against Stowe.


We offer sincere thanks to Jessica Allen, Ben Diller, and all of the families that helped to make our Ghost Pride bonfire a positive show of school spirit!

Academic Spotlight: Physical Education and Health

Big picture


In health class Deb Lary covers a variety of topics (and the list seems to continue to grow over time). Topics covered in health class include substance abuse and addiction, human reproduction, nutrition, hydration, and fitness. Above, Harmony Bradshaw and Parke Avery examine the label on a pint of ice cream to understand how much sugar is in that pint.
Big picture
Above, from back to front: Andrew O' Connell, Charlie Tucker, Savior Bass, Kaden Grout, and Cameron Thayer.

Physical Education

PE is taught by Hayley Quinones, Noel Woolf, and Dakota Garrow. Classes can be heavily focused on independent fitness and growth, personal growth, and mindfulness and fitness for everyday life. Some students choose to pursue their PE credits through Independent Learning Opportunities and craft their own plans to attain credit in this area. All of our PE teachers are committed to helping students learn how to lead fit, active, healthy lives.

Chromebook Care

Please take a moment to review the need for Chromebook care with your students. We are seeing an increase in shattered screens and computers are coming to school uncharged. Our hope is that computers come into school charged and ready to go.

In addition to the expense of replacing Chromebooks, we are also facing supply chain issues that make it a real struggle to replace computers for students. Treating them with care is the best way to ensure that they are able to support student learning.

Community Forums Return

This year, we will once again host community forums remotely. Our first forum will be on Thursday, November 18, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Please email topics that you would like to have discussed to either Caty or Lisa. Please use this link to attend the forum.

Brenda Flint Memorial Fund 5K/8K

This event, sponsored by the RU Sports Boosters and Cross Country Team, will honor Brenda Flint, a member of our community who passed away this October. Her family has established a scholarship in her memory and this is a way that the RU community can contribute to that fund. Please follow this link to register. The run/walk begins at 3:30 PM on Friday, November 5th at VTC in Randolph Center. Registration is by donation.

Please follow this link for other important November dates from the RU Sports Boosters

Covid Updates:

Cafeteria Information: Given changes to recent guidance from the Agency of Education and the VT Department of Health related to contact tracing, we have updated our cafeteria seating plans. Starting on November 8, students will no longer be required to eat in classrooms. We will continue to ask students to physically distance themselves from peers as much as possible, and we will keep sign in sheets for each table, each day, in the event that they are needed for contact tracing.

Masks: masks are still required at school and they must cover each adult and student's mouth and nose. In the past 2 weeks, we have had to have more serious conversations with students and families about the continued need to be masked inside at school. This is a continued expectation. Please review these expectations and make sure that your student understands the importance of wearing their mask and wearing their mask appropriately. Thank you!


Our new learning management system is functional and teachers have been putting in grades successfully for the past few weeks. We are going to do one final systems check as we finalize grades for quarter one report cards, and then roll out parent access to the system. Hopefully, by the time we publish our next newsletter, there will be information to help you get the most information possible from this system.

Contact Us!

We appreciate hearing from all of you. It's useful to hear your feedback when you have a concern, and when you see or hear something that you think is worth celebrating. Please reach out!

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