By Brodie

Before Federation

Before 1901 Australia was not a country it was made of 6 British colonies.The colonies were called New South Wales,Victoria,Queensland,South Australia,Western Australia and Tasmania.There were no territories back then and some land was still not found.
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Reasons for Federation

Before federation there were six British colonies that all had different sets of laws it was like they were all different countries. It also made it a lot easier to decide on things because the country would all contribute and make a decision.

Key Figures and their Role in the Lead up to Federation

Establishing The Australian Constitution

The Australian Constitution is the set of rules which all Australians have to follow. Australia voted for the rules which would form the constitution throughout the 1890's it took affect in 1901. The Australian Constitution can only be changed by a referendum.
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Federation Celebrations

Celebrations for federation were held all over the now united Australia. Schools celebrated by raising the Union Jack, the flag of Britain and its Empire introduced into their schoolyards for the occasion. This then sparked an idea to make a day to celebrate Australia that wasn't centered around Australia.