Henry Ford

Logan Ingrassia

Biography of Henry Ford:

Henry Ford was born in 1863 near Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford created the assembly line and the car brand named Ford. Henry Ford started when he took a job with Thomas Edison at the Detroit Illuminating company. Henry's first car was the Quadricycle. In 1899 Henry created a more proper looking car. The car had a "racy" look to it. After that Ford built a more reliable Quadricycle then Ford got a practical laboratory and started his opened his first car company. Ford built the Model T in 1908. The Model T was affordable for people in the middle class. Ford's greatest contribution to industry was the assembly line. Henry Ford died in 1947 at Dearborn, Michigan.

Impacts Henry Ford had on the 1920's decade:

Some impacts Henry ford had on the 1920's decade would be he created the first car which then created transportation for people. Another impact would be he created the assembly line which is a manufacturing process. The assembly makes things easier to make and create. Most of our everyday products go through an assembly line.

Images of Henry Ford's creations:

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE | Henry Ford, Chapter 1 | PBS


- Why would Henry want a rubber plant in Brazil?

-How would you react if a car was not created yet, and one came out?