A 3 Week Summer Program on Conflict resolution

Summer Camp for High School Students in CALIFORNIA

This summer program is aiming towards teaching high school children the basics of conflict resolution, and how to use the learned skills in everyday life.
It is also a fun place to spend your summer vocation.

This camp is not only a series of classes, it includes different recreational activities, community service, field trips. There is also a group project you and a group of high school students will develop and implement in your home communities.

This camp can be an alternative for public summer school high school students with behavioral problems have to attend in order to help them succeed in school.

WOW! Keynote speakers...

An awesome speaker JACK HOBAN will visit our camp. He has done over 500 workshops over the world, has addressed the FBI, NYDP, Chicago PD and different universities and organizations on ethics and martial arts over the last decade.

We will have HOWARD GARDNER come and visit during our camp. He is a professor at Harvard Graduate School of education at Harvard University. He is also known the developer of multiple intelligence theory.

College Student?.....looking for an internship?

This camp is an exciting opportunity to spend your summer and get some hands-on experience. To check for eligibility for this internship visit our Facebook page, or email the address listed below.

We're waiting for you...Contact us.