Future Farmers of America

Preparing today's youth to feed America tomorrow

Future Farmers of America does a lot for the next generation of farming. My Papa was in the future farmers of America. When I am old enough, I want to be in the Future Farmers of America. A nickname for the Future Farmers of America is the FFA. Let's get started.

Why was the group made?

In 1926, Walter S Newman noticed that boys were losing interest and leaving the family farm. Newman wanted to form a group that offered farm boys "A greater opportunity for self-expression and for the development of leadership. In this way they will develop confidence in their own ability and pride in the fact that they are farm" (National FFA Organization).
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How many people were in the first class?

The first Future Farmers of America class was made up of 33 students from 18 states. All 33 students in the class were boys (National FFA Organization).
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When were girls allowed in the group?

Females were allowed into the group in the year 1969. In 1982, the Future Farmers of America elected their first female president. Today, females represent more than 45% of the membership in the FFA (National FFA Organization).
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What does the group do?

Today the National FFA Organization helps individual students with leadership, growth and career success in agricultural education. They help the next generation meet challenges and develop their own unique talents and interests in agricultural career pathways (FFA, US Office of Education).
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How many kid are in the future farmers of America today?

Today, the FFA organization membership numbers are about 7,757 that include members from all 50 states.
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Fun Facts

  • The FFA get no federal funding
  • The original National Future Farmers of America was organized in 1928 in Kansas City (MYCHEL MATTHEWS).
  • About 70 percent of FFA members live in rural/farm areas. About 10 percent live in urban and suburban areas, and 19 percent live in small towns (MYCHEL MATTHEWS).
  • The National FFA Organization started in Kansas City, MO in 1928 (future farmers of America).
  • The official colors of the organization are national blue and corn gold (future farmers of America).