World Religion Project:Christianity

Calvin Redman & Billy Smeaton

What is the Most Important Belief in This Religion

They Believe Jesus is the Christ and god's son as well as a major influence in Christianity who spent his life encouraging and loving god yet his life came to a death when he chose to get executed by the Romans in the form of crucifix. And many believe he comes back every 2 life times.

Why do They Believe That?

They believe Jesus is the Christ because Christ translates to a Greek word that means the same as Messiah and messiah means: "chosen one (in this case bye god) And is now known has one of the major symbols or figures of christianity.

In Your Opinion what makes the believers of this religion want to follow its teachings or the teachings of it's profits?

In Our Opinion: many of it's followers were born into it because it is a very common religion, because many people cannot except that there might not be a heaven to go to and finally they convert or get converted by presser or other feelings.

How Do Christian Extremists Justify Their Actions Against Non-Believers ?

A great example of christian extremists is the murder of Dr. George. Tiller during his life he has had many death threats from Al-Qaeda. yet has been fire bomded and shot by christian terrorists.Later in his last days he was finally shot and killed by who many thought was an Al-Qeada member but turned out in the end to actulally be a christian terrorist named Scott Roader.

Christian current events

Aug ,16 ,2013 54 Christian churches in Egypt were torched and looted in a short 24 hour period by mobs who want Egypt to be an Islamic state.I hope no more of this happens because these Christians have done nothing, and I see nothing positive stuff coming out of it only negative stuff like death and injuries.

christian art

This art piece is a print of Jesus called ART FOR GOD made by Stephen Sawyer I believe this art piece represents Christianity because it is Jesus posing in a very confident position, and Jesus was a key to Christianity for hundreds of years now.

Christian music

God is awseme gospel by Rich Mullins is the song i'm using because it is a worship song that is not one of those new hip hop god raps and the lyrics have to do with Christianity because it talks about how we are never alone and how god is always with us

bibliaugraphy (cites)

The websites we used were

www, for the music for the christian facts images for art for current events