5 Top Attractions of Canberra

Chloe Yates 5/6KH

Why I chose theses 5 tour attractions/ description

1. The National Zoo and Aquarium

The Zoo has lots of animals from both Australia and the rest of the world. It is a very interactive Zoo. I have fed a giraffe, tiger and bear and have patted a dingo at this Zoo.

I have attended a Zoocation program in the school holidays at the Zoo where I had a behind the scenes tour of the zoo, fed the animals and made toys for the monkey enclosure.

My parents have both done the meet a cheetah tour where they go into the enclosure with the cheetah.

2. Australian Institute of Sport - A.I.S

The A.I.S is a place where top sports people from Australia go to train. It also has lots of events and facilities that the general public can use.

I have participated in the Weetbix Tryathlon at the AIS for the past 4 years.

I trained with the Australian Women’s Soccer Team last year on their training field at the AIS.

I attended Childcare at the AIS so I was able to use their facilities and meet some of the athletes. We played basketball with the Men’s team and we were allowed to run and jump into the indoor long jump pit.

3. Questacon

Questacon is all about Science and Technology and exploring these topics in interesting and interactive ways.

When I was really young we used to have a membership so that we could visit the Mini-Q section where I would play for hours if my mum let me!

I attended a school holiday program where we watched videos, went around the exhibitions and then performed science activities around these exhibitions.

4. National Galley of Australia

You can see art from Australia and around the world and they have an interactive art exhibition in the children’s room.

When I was younger we used to go to an annual event called Sculpture Garden Sunday located in the grounds of the National Gallery. We were able to participate in drawing, sculpture, painting and clay workshops and the creation of installation pieces throughout the gardens of the National Gallery.

5. New Parliament House

Parliament House is located in Canberra because Canberra is the capital of Australia.

Parliament House is where all the polliton work so it is really important to Australia.

I visited New Parliament House recently with my cousin and we went on a tour. The building is absolutely huge and the view from the top outside area was amazing.

When I was a baby my mum used to meet up with friends and walk in the gardens around New Parliament House.

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