World War 2

World War two is one of the worst wars in the United States

Pearl Harbor attack

The Pearl Harbor attack from the Japanese is one of the worst attacks on the U.S. The radar was new on the military base so they did not know if it was a real attack or if it was just the radar. thousands of soldiers died in the attack and that's when the war started in 1941.

Admiral Kimmel, Husband E.

Admiral Kimmel, Husband E. was commander-in-chief of the US Pacific Fleet. He was part of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and was in the attack, a bullet smashed through his window and hit him on the chest when he was in his office. He is quoted as telling the officer next to him “It would have been more merciful had it killed me.”

WW2 Planes

The world war 2 planes are planes with bombs in them, if they are hit they explode into a big ball of fire.Lots of veterans died from the planes and also more innocent people.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a nazi leader in WW2. He killed 6 million innocent people in the Holocaust and killed mostly jews. Hitler also did not think that jews are real people so he tried to kill all of them

By:Arnold Villarreal