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Superintendent Suzanne Cybulla can be reached at scybulla@ecsd.us or by calling the East China School District at 810.676.1018.

For the week of Monday, December 3, 2018

From the Desk of Superintendent Suzanne Cybulla

Upcoming Events at East China Schools

  • Dec. 12 Early Release (2 hours)
  • Dec. 17 Board of Ed Meeting 7 pm
  • Dec. 24 - Jan. 4 Christmas Break
  • Jan. 7 Classes resume
  • Jan. 9 Early Release (2 hours)
  • Jan. 23 Half Day for HS & MS students
  • Jan. 24 Half Day for HS & MS students
  • Jan. 25 Half Day for all students
  • Jan. 25 End of 2nd marking period

ECSD Board of Ed votes to move forward with bond proposal

The East China School Board of Education voted on Monday to approve the Bond Steering Committee's recommendation.

The Bond Committee engaged in a rigorous process of discovery, exploration, research and collaboration to analyze the current state of our district and facilities, determine what the future state of our facilities should be and, as good stewards of community resources, determine the most cost-effective, highest return-on-investment option for upgrading district facilities to meet this vision. It was with much confidence, enthusiasm and optimism that the Bond Steering committee presented their recommendation to the East China School Board.

Our communities have always valued and supported our schools and we all want the very best opportunities and experiences for our children.

We are excited to now move forward into the campaign phase of the bond process where we will continue to inform and answer questions regarding the project as we work towards the vote on the bond in May of 2019.

Great Things Happening in ECSD

Superintendent Suzanne Cybulla and the three newly elected members of the East China School Board, Jeanne Frank, Amy Murphy and Karen Cedar, discuss the GREAT things that are happening in the East China Schools during the East China Schools - TODAY show.
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St. Clair High School Happenings

The St. Clair Marching Saints have been very busy. From the August Band Camp to co-hosting the MSBOA Festival, to the Halloween Parade, to the annual Drive-Thru Chicken Dinner to the trip to Disney World, the Marching Saints have been working hard and playing hard.

Special thank you to Director Micah Volz for his leadership of the program and in particular the Disney Trip. Student travel is a complicated undertaking particularly with a group that has so much equipment. The Band Boosters and many supportive parents helped to make this fun and educational event a tremendous success.

To watch the Disney performance click on the link below.

Disney Performance

Mr. Volz Distinguished Teacher Award

Mr. Volz accepting his Distinguished Teacher Award
Congratulations to Mr. Micah Volz, music teacher at St. Clair High School. Mr. Volz has been recognized as St. Clair County's Distinguished Teacher for the month of November. Mr. Volz was presented with the award during a surprise classroom visit on Tuesday, November 27th.

The Distinguished Teacher award, sponsored by RESA, is given monthly during the school year to educators who exemplify high teaching standards.

Mr. Volz also received $300 for his classroom from Insurance Specialists Agency in Marysville, the local MEEMIC agent.

Way to go Mr. Volz!

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It's Christmas time!! Time to order your Saints wear for the holiday! Order online and help support the St. Clair High School Business Department students!!


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SCC TEC Open House

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Why is physical activity important?

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