Carson's confrence

By: Carson Tveito

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Things that we are doing in school

Math: we are adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions

Writing: summarizing

ELA: discovery simulation

Science: cleaning an oil spill

My favorite feild trip was the ski trip

I liked the ski trip because I got to ski, I learned how to ski, and I had a lot of fun

Things that are going well...

1. (Academic) I did good on my fractured fairy tail in ELA

2. (behavioral) I haven't talked to my friends that much this year.

Thing that aren't going that well...

1.(Academic) I would like to read better.

2.(Behavioral) Staying in my chair.

What am i going to get better at by the end of the year is...

One thing that I am going to get better at is math