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Feminism, Time, Event: A Roundtable

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John us for a roundtable featuring Kate Derickson (Univ. of Minnesota, Geography), Lorena Munoz (Univ. of Minnesota, Geography), and Miranda Joseph (Univ. of Arizona, Gender and Women's Studies).

This roundtable features feminist geographers discussing critical theoretical and methodological approaches to capitalism through temporality and event. They consider how feminist political economy incisively transforms how we think about neoliberal globalization, financialization, and climate change.

Kate Derickson

Kate Derickson is an urban political economist working at the intersections of feminist epistemology and radical political economy. She is particularly interested in understanding how to best cultivate the social formations and relations that can engender radically democratic and socially just counterhegemonies.

Lorena Munoz

Lorena Muñoz is an urban/cultural geographer whose research focuses on the intersections of place, space, gender, sexuality and race. Her current project examines how queer Latina immigrant women who work in the low wage service sector, negotiate and perform their gendered and queer identities differently across heteronormative, male-dominated spaces of low-wage labor in Los Angeles. Her other research interests are focused on minority students access to STEM education.

Miranda Joseph

Miranda Joseph is Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Arizona. She is the author of Against the Romance of Community (Minnesota, 2002). She uses the tools of of cultural studies to explore the relationship between economic processes and social formations. She teaches seminars in feminist, Marxist, poststructuralist and queer theory, and cultural studies methods, as well as large introductory-level lecture courses in LGBT Studies.

Feminism, Time, Event: A Roundtable

Friday, April 25th 2014 at 1-2:30pm

400 Ford Hall

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