Natural Alliance Wellness Journal

Changing Seasons

As fall turns into winter

You can feel it in the's colder, there's more wind and the days are shorter. With the winter season, comes more sniffles, colds, flu, and lack of energy. It's hard to change the season, but we can change our indoor environments to support feeling as well as we possibly can. This month's wellness journal will cover important things you can do to feel better and stay well to enjoy the season.

7 things to stay well this winter

Natural remedies can support our bodies in staying well during the winter season. When you feel the first signs of something's coming on, here are a few time tested recipes to support your wellness process.
  • Get lots of sleep. Winter is a great time to take the time to rest especially as the holidays approach. According to the Harvard Medical School sleep is far too important to shortchange; proper amounts can strengthen your immune system and help you fight off disease.
  • Broth is your friend...not the kind you buy in the store, the kind you make yourself. Why? Because broth nourishes the body and takes the stress off the digestive system to digest heavy foods and focus on feeling better. For a great homemade broth recipe, click here.
  • Wash your hands frequently and keep your hands away from your face, especially when you are in public or working with the public. The word on the street is, our computer keyboards are the dirtiest place we touch on a daily basis. Read more here.

To serve you is a great honor

Here's why. In 2014 we will celebrate our 20th year in business. In that short time, it's hard to believe that we have literally researched hundreds of companies with claims to have the best air purifiers, water purifiers, saunas, and other wellness products our clients have asked us to carefully evaluate. We found many products that were marketed well with great websites although their products did not perform or comply with the standards our clients have come to expect and appreciate from us.

We've learned in these past 20 years to ask the right questions to look behind the manufacturer's marketing message. This process has supported us in bringing you the best products possible.

Here's what our criteria continues to be as we evaluate new products:

  • meet or exceed their written product claims
  • have a solid product warranty
  • are distributed by a reputable company with a history of great customer service
  • effectively address our client's current challenges with a viable solution
  • are affordable to everyone seeking to better their lives

We are grateful for the challenge of finding products that meet and supersede your expectations as being the best in the marketplace. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to serve you.

During 2013 your spoke and we listened. Clients were sharing they wanted a package that would address three major aspects of their living environment at a cost that would support their budget. We are excited to introduce you to our Healthy Home Essentials package. As the name states, these products are essential to every home as they truly and effectively address three of the most pressing challenges our families are facing today. And the best news yet, clients are using our PayPal, Bill-Me-Later program to spread their investment over six months.

Here's what's important to note: a healthy living environment should not just be available to those with means. That's why we chose these three products for our package. But don't let the low price tag fool you. Each product is the top of the line solution.

Healthy Home Essentials Package

Healthy Home Essentials package $599.99*

*applicable shipping, handling and PA sales tax will be applied to final pricing. Please know each time a Healthy Home Essential Package is purchased 5% of the net profit goes to a fund for those in need. Your investment is helping others to fulfill an important part of helping their family to be live well. Thank you for your support.

A Thanksgiving Thought

With each passing day, there are more reasons to be grateful for. Each moment is a delicate balance of life and death, filling each thought with the choice of being grateful or not. As we join together for our Thanksgiving celebrations, may you know how truly grateful we are to serve you with information to support your wellness journey and provide encouraging thoughts as you press forward into living a life full of purpose.

Patrick and Lori Kirkham

Patrick and Lori Kirkham's passion has been helping others to making informed choices on their wellness journey for the past 19 plus years. By connecting healthcare practitioners, businesses, organizations, and research with those they serve, they advocate that knowledge can become your strongest advocate to wellness.