a city where abnormal is normal


  • The Fisher family moves from Texas to Florida
  • They get settled in their new house at Lake Windsor Downs
  • When the family move, they notice the Citrus Trees burning in which they later figure out that the fire is known as the muck fire
  • Paul and Joey converse about how lighning strikes in the same place that causes the muck fire
  • Erik joins the football team at Lake Windsor Downs Middle School
  • Paul's mom signs him up for an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) class because he is visually impaired
  • Paul signs up for soccer because he loves to play the sport and is really good at it (he plays goalie)
  • Paul analyzes (in his head) about how all of a sudden his dad loves football because of the Erik Fisher Football Dream
  • Mike Costello dies by a lightning strike
  • Paul also realizes that Arthur and Erik are laughing about his death

Paul Fisher vs Erik Fisher

Paul and Erik Fisher seem to be total opposites in some cases but can have some similarities as well. For one, they both used to play soccer but Erik quit soccer for football at the age of ten while Paul is still playing. They also both seem to be aggressive and dedicated to their sports especially Erik. The two brothers claim they are the best on their team- Paul with soccer and Erik with football. Paul and Erik seem to be the perfect brothers, until you take a closer look into their lives. First and foremost, they have different mind sets. Erik believes that playing football can gain popularity so he plays football while Paul plays soccer because he enjoys the sport and not for popularity. They also dislike each other.. a lot. They rarely even talk to each other let alone getting along. Not to mention Paul seeing his brother in a truck almost " running over him." Paul and Erik Fisher seem to be the best of two brothers but in 20 20 vision, they are complete opposites.

Tradegy Strikes

Mike Costello was a very great person on the Lake Windsor High football team but his death seemed to have ruined his chances of many things in life. First, Paul and his mother get back from going grocery store to see Erik and Arthur waiting at the front door step. Next, Erik says, "Mike Costello is dead mom. He got killed at practice today." Erik explains he was leaning on the goalpost when lightning strike it. He went flying in the air and landed with his back down on the goal line. Half of his hair was burnt. The coaches tried preforming CPR but it was too late. Paul's dad called the ambulance and tried jump starting his heart but he was already dead. They even mention Jack Costello freaking out and trying to take Mikes shoes off. When they were finished talking, Paul went to put the groceries away and hears Erik and Arthur talking about the tragedy through the window. They are making fun of Mike Costello and are saying things like, "Did you see his hair? Did you see the side of his head? He got Mowhawed, man!" Paul is angered by this and wants to put a stop to it (as well as his mom). And that was the end of Mike Costello.

MOYA Close-Up

MOYA means Month Of the Young Adolescent which means it is a whole month dedicated to tween/teen anxiety, stress, and more. In Tangerine, there are a few of these elments. With Erik, he wants to fit in or become one of the "cool kids" so that why he can join the football team. Even Paul analyzes that Erik used to play soccer and was very good at it, but changed to football merely for popularity. He might get into trouble by doing this because he may hang out with the wrong people. Another issue is Erik and Paul. They are teens now and are at the stage where they fight a lot and don't agree on most anything. For that matter, they barely talk to each other. Because of this, they don't have a very good relationship and this isn't going to help them for future experiences. Lastly, Erik and Arthur making fun of Mike Costello's death would be a MOYA issue because in this case, both Erik and Arthur were trying to fit in so they thought it was right to joke around about the terrible tragedy. Again, this would be Erik (maybe Arthur) trying to fit into his new school because he believes fitting in is key because he doesn't want to be the kid that gets bullied. To conclude, MOYA, the month of October, is a very important month because it is an awareness for issues like these and to help solve the problem.