Equivalent Fractions

By Jayci Harison

What does a fraction look like

A fraction has a numerator which is the top number of a fraction.It also has a denominator which is the bottom number.The numerator tells how many people there are or pieces.The denominator tells how many parts it is divded into.A fraction has all equal peices.You have to know if it is talking about shaded or unshaded.
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How to campare fractions

You could cross multiple.You have to have two fractions to compare.So you take the denominator of the first fraction and multiple it by the numerator of the second fraction and what you get go's over the numerator of the second fraction.So for the next part you take the denominator on the second fraction and multiple it by the first fraction.So the answer for that goes over the first fraction.So now you have to put the >,< or = to.
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