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Mrs. Marcum's class

$1 for Ice Cream from Ice Cream Truck is Due

Please send in $1 for your child to have an ice cream during lunch on the lawn. You may send it in an envelope with their name and "ice cream" written on the front. If you would like to send in an extra dollar to sponsor another child's ice cream please write that on the envelope as well.

Lunch on The Lawn

Friday, May 13th, 11:45am

720 North Main Avenue

Republic, MO

5th Grades lunch will begin at 11:45 (See other grade level times below). Students may buy an ice cream from the ice cream truck for $1 (please send the money in an envelope with their name on it + ice cream money).

If you are planning on eating a school lunch you will need to pre-order!! Also, bring towels or blankets to sit on:)


10:55- 1st

11:05- 2nd

11:15- 3rd

11:25- 4th

11:45- 5th

Spring Pictures

We still have five students that have neither returned their Spring Pictures, nor sent in money to purchase those pictures. If your student still has their Spring Pictures please return any unwanted pictures along with payment for any pictures you would like to keep. If you have any questions please let me know.