The United States and Canada

By Mellie Chida


In the U.S., Canada is our number one country we trade with. And in Canada, the United States is who they trade the most with. Canada exports 74.87% of their goods to the U.S. and imports 50.38% from the U.S.. On the other hand, the U.S. exports 19.49% of their goods to Canada and imports 14.51% of their total goods from the U.S..


The U.S. and Canada are politically on the same page with each other. But because that our, the U.S. and Canada's, relationship is so, sometimes conflict arises when we differ, because of our sense of betrayal.


The two countries cooperate well, and many people cross the boarder to the other country everyday. And both countries cooperate with boarder responsibility- by emergency care, visas, counterterrorism, aviation and maritime security,