Get ready for Springtime!


In March, get a tube of Deep Blue Rub AND a 5ml bottle of Deep Blue Essential Oil with EVERY 200pv order!

This is for new wholesale enrollments, and for those of us who have ben wholesale members for a while! It is for everyone, and EVERY order! It is also UNLIMITED!!! Get on the phone and tell your family & friends it is an awesome time to join!

Be sure to set up your LRP orders! Check out this instructional video! It is how you earn FREE products!

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FREE 5ml bottle of Purify with your LRP order of 125pv shipped by March 15th! Place a 200pv order by the 15th, and get both the Purify AND Deep Blue FREE!

Purify Essential Oil: A Cleansing Blend of Citronella, Cilantro, Lemon, Lime, Pine, Melaleuca

Diffuse to kill airborne pathogens, to strengthen the immune system, and to cleanse the air.

Add a few drops on the return vent of your home HVAC system and run the fan for one hour. This can be done in a hotel room too. For the car, place drops on a cotton ball and insert in the vents.

Add several drops with water in a glass spray bottle and spritz shoes to get rid of odors.

Apply topically to blemishes, bug bites, wounds, and on people who work in doctor's offices and hospitals.

On Guard Concentrated Cleaner is 10% off in March! Just in time for Spring Cleaning!

On Guard Concentrated Cleaner makes 12 spray bottles of cleaner! That's just $1.67 a bottle!

This cleaner is cheaper per mixed bottle than store bought cleaners!

Use on all floor surfaces, countertops, bathrooms, dishes, kitchens, toys, vehicle interior, and to remove tough surface stains on fabrics!

Safe for little ones and animals to touch surfaces after use! No more worrying about toxins or poisoning! I love this product!

Healing with Green Smoothies & Reinventing Healthcare Naturally Kentucky class

Monday, March 10th, 6:30pm

476 Parkers Mill Rd

Somerset, KY

Come on out to Total Concept Aveda Salon! This class is being presented by a friend Joy Stoltz in Somerset, KY. If anyone has friends or family who live near Somerset, please invite them to come out and join us! Joy has joined the Green Smoothie Girl in her quest to get people healthy by use of natural, raw, healthy foods and smoothies plus doTERRA essential oils. Come experience the delicious flavor of 3 different green smoothies diffused with essential oils from doTERRA.

Register here:

Essential Oil Basics Webinar

Tuesday, March 11th, 9pm

This is an online event.

This is for anyone who has not began their pathway to true wellness, as well as oil users of all levels! Educating ourselves on the many ways to use essential oils Iis key! Join me as we discuss how to use some of doTERRA'S most popular essential oils and products! Every home should be equipped with the products we will learn about. Natural Solutions are where the health care world is heading more and more everyday.

Register here:

We are part of a Diamond Club Promotion through Spring Esteppe!


New enrollments need to be entered through a special site. I will enter them for you! Offer newcomers the above specials!

Any 200pv enrollment will get deep blue rub, deep blue oil, and cedarwood FREE!

Reinventing Healthcare with Green Smoothies & Essential Oils Norton Class!

Saturday, March 15th, 1pm

1051 Park Ave NW

Norton, VA

Come experience the deliciousness of green smoothies infused with essential oils! Discover how you can take control of your family's health with Natural Solutions from doTERRA. I will be teaching this class! Register using the link below.

Grow Your Team Challenge!

You are ALL invited to participate in this! If you do plan to participate, send me a message or call me!

These prizes will be rewarded when you reach any of these levels FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

Overall team volume of 1500pv = doTERRA Keychain with sample bottles.

EXECUTIVE level with volume of 2000pv = FREE 5ml bottle of Wild Orange & Living Magazine

ELITE level with volume of 3000pv = FREE Tearpad of your choice & 20 oil sample bottles

PREMIER level with 2 Executive legs & volume of 5000pv = FREE Business Cards

TOP ENROLLER = colored Family Physician brochures & special gift from me!


Wellness all Year Long with doTERRA Essential Oils Webinar

Monday, March 17th, 9pm

This is an online event.

Attend a doTERRA Essential Oil Class right in your own homes! Learn how your whole family can be healthy all year long using just a few doTERRA products. This is a free webinar, so be sure to register using the link below.

Call me anytime!

Our team just keeps growing! I am so excited to see how you are sharing essential oils, and asking others to join you on this pathway to true health! Let's keep growing! Did you know when your friends and family become wholesale members, you have the opportunity to make money? If you want more information on how, call me!

Host a class in your homes! If you don't feel comfortable presenting a class, I will come do one for you!