Black Lives Matter Protest

How Black Lives Matter Is Changing The World

By: Xavier Peoples

Why was it made?

Black lives matter formed to prevent discrimination against African-Americans and unlike what some people think the protest are not against white people but to protect African-American right's.
Black Lives Matter

How do they protest?

They protested by doing marches along the Baltimore streets or sometimes they turned violent and they held riots destroying public property. Some of the members took it to the extreme and had their mind set on killing cops to get revenge for what they had done.

How does this demonstrate their beliefs?

Their beliefs were shown because they showed all of the hatred for law enforcements officers and what they had done. They also burned Police officers in effigy. Some even took the action to egg or damage police officer cars. They had gotten so violent that baltimore had to call in outside forces.

What effects do they have?

The protest led to riots because the people were outraged that the law enforcement were shooting young unarmed children for no reason.

This brought attention to the subject an people started to do some things to stop this.

They protested until they were heard and the criminal-justice programs required cops to start wearing body cameras so if anything happened there would be evidence of it.

They still don't think justice has happened and not all of the cops involved in the shootings are behind bars.

More Info

  • Some think that this will not end
  • Was Co-founded by Alicia Garza
  • Was meant to be peaceful
  • Led to killings of police officers
  • Founded 2013

Some Of The People Killed By Law Enforcers