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Tips for 1:1 iPad Integration - January 19, 2016

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January STEM

January's STEM day is Friday, January 29. Since we are hosting the Leader in Me Symposium in February, we will be switching up the January STEM activities. We will move the Cold STEM Day to February since we will not be trying to plan activities for Engineers Week so soon after the Symposium.

Below is a link to a STEM challenge for your students for January. The students will need to work in groups for this challenge. It asks the students to create a table centerpiece that fits our theme - Building the Future One Leader at a Time - and teaches something about the 7 Habits.

The choice of materials is up to you, but I did give some suggestions on the paper. Also try looking at Pinterest. I will start collecting some pictures and ideas there as well.

We will use one centerpiece from each classroom on one of the tables or bookcases for decoration on Leadership Day. If you would like to have help judging in your classroom, please let me know and I will find some judges.


I am going to try something new to see if I can help everyone with all of our limited schedules. From now on, I will be in my room on Tuesday afternoons until at least 4:30. If you need help making plans or figuring out how to integrate technology into your lessons, just come by and see me. You can come individually or even as a grade level if you'd like.

Digital Citizenship

Thanks to all of you who are teaching digital citizenship lessons each month! I will try and keep up with yours and let you know when you are ready to get certified (or re-certified) if you let me know when you are teaching them. Also remember that these lessons can count as one of your technology integrated lessons each week.

Look What We Have! - Thanks to a Jr. League Mini Grant

Chapman Elementary

As always, I am here to help you integrate technology into your lessons. Please let me know how I can be of assistance.