LPN Career

Angel Durham

LPN Job Description

LPN's lead a very intriguing career. Their job is fast paced and filled with many responsibilities. Some of their skills include, immunizations, taking medical histories, taking vital signs, and give medications. LPN's typically work in hospitals, doctor's offices, and nursing homes. LPN"s are vital when it comes to the health care team.
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To become an LPN, you must complete a state-approved program. Most of the programs can be completed within a year and is offered at most community colleges. Some of the schools include, RCC, ECPI, and Central Carolina Community College.
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The average salary of LPN's is $44,569 with a range of $40,528-$49,888. Job growth is expected to grow a lot faster by 2018. Overall job expectancy is very good. Employment is expected to grow by 21%.
Nursing Jobs : What Do LPNs Do?