February Tips

Building Your Team and Ways to Organize your Week

Building A Strong Team

First and foremost, to build a strong team, all depends on your ATTITUDE!
"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." Winston Churchill
When you are excited about your business and the opportunity Origami Owl has given you, people WILL notice it, and WANT to be a part of it! :) Origami Owl has a great message and an awesome mission to be a Force For Good! If you stand by this, live it, and breathe it, GREAT things will happen for you!

More Technical Tips:

  • This tip is not mandatory, it is just something I have found to work :) You want to make sure you are not piling up a ton of your team members in the same area of a town. Once you have about 5-10 Designers in an area (depending on how large the population is), you can place new designers below those designers. For an example: I have Designers 1-10 as my Frontline who are all in the same town. I then find 3 more new recruits from the same town. I would then strategically place those new recruits on one of my frontline Designer's team. This makes sure there isn't a lot of competition in the same area. Instead of everyone working against each other they are working, as a team, WITH each other. It also allows you to build a strong team so, you will more than likely move up in the Career Plan. You can make these decisions based on your Frontline's performances.

  • Recruiting from outside your circle is VERY important! To do this, find events in your area. Call local churches, schools and search craigslist.com. Also try to find events that are about 30 minutes to an hour outside of your local area. This helps expand your customer base and reach other potential Designers to add to your team. Events are a great way to introduce your business and explain the opportunity.

  • Hostesses are your BEST Designers!! You already know they LOVE the product so, giving them a wonderful Jewelry Bar experience will convince them that becoming a Designer is something they can do! :) Give them a wonderful experience and they will sign up to be a Designer!

  • Connect with other Direct Sale Consultants. Building relationships and networking with other DS Consultants can broaden your network of people and also add potential recruits. Setting up a referral relationship with these other Consultants will help you expand, too.

An Organized Weekly Plan

Open Your Business Daily

In order to have a successful Direct Sales Business, you have to look at it similar to a owning a store. Each and Every day you must OPEN YOUR BUSINESS. Think of it as putting a key in the door and flipping the sign to OPEN!
What are you doing today and every day to OPEN your Direct Sales Business??
Here's a little schedule I challenge you all to follow and see what it does for your business...Try and spend at least one hour a day building your business!
  • Mail Out Monday,
  • Take Out Tuesday,
  • Work Your Email List Wednesday,
  • Talk It Up Thursday
  • Facebook Friday
  • Social Media Saturday
Also, throughout this challenge, be sure to keep catalogs, business cards, and samples on hand. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!!
Monday - mail out ONE piece of literature. (And NOT email!!) It can be a new catalog or a coupon... host, or join brochure. Choose one person, HANDWRITE a little note to go with it and mail it! Write a thank you to a hostess. Put a business card in with your bills.
Tuesday - Grab your catalogs, brochures, or samples and take them everywhere you go on Tuesday. If you don't have anywhere to go...find someplace to go! Work, Starbucks, McDonalds, in line at the grocery store…somewhere…anywhere…JUST SHARE!
Wednesday –Work on your email list. Add any friends from facebook, past parties and events. Mail out a weekly special or remind them of your site for gift giving.
Thursday - Talk to ONE person about your business. Talk to them about joining your team, hosting a party or purchasing something! This is face-to-face talk...no phone/email/Facebook talk :) Give a call to a former host or customer to ask how they are enjoying their locket. Friday – Facebook Friday! Work your facebook. Getting new likes/networking.
Social Media Saturday-Join twitter, instagram, pinterest and linked in. *Try and engage your fans daily with a post on your facebook fan page * Make sure you always have at least 3 sponsor packets /hostess packets ready to go at all times. *If you have blank business cards print coupons on them to pass out.
*Check O2 loop and back office once daily for current news!

The Owlettes

Malinda Mitchell~Team Leader
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