Grant Family Focus

May 1, 2016

Upcoming Dates

April 25-May 6th Bright Bytes Survey Window

  • Open to all teachers and 3-5 students.
  • So far we have 54/242 students and 4/42 staff (we will have time at the Wed. staff meeting to complete this)

Monday May 2nd- Family Meeting

Tuesday May 3rd- Recess Walking Club begins

Wednesday May 4- 2:30-3:15 Technology Meeting

Friday May 6th- Wear Yellow to Raise Awareness for Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Tuesday May 10- Wellness Visit

Wednesday May 11- Staff Meeting 2:15-3:15

Friday May 20 & 27 and Monday May 28- No School

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

One of the first things I learned when I moved from the classroom to Administration was truly how much of an impact a teacher has on children and how much is expected of those who teach. The millions of on the spot decisions you make before 9:00, the ability to block the noise of all of the demands of the outside world and create a world of excitement inside your room, and to remain calm and positive when faced with the expectations of people who do not understand the day-to-day pressures of teaching, all are part of the reason a week is devoted to you who change the world everyday.

Thank you!

Forward Exam

We have only a few make-ups to complete this week and we will be finished with Forward testing. Everything ran smooth thanks to the cooperation of everyone who made sure kids were quiet in the halls, found alternatives to using WiFi, chipped in to make sure technology was working and to proctor for make-ups and students that needed small group testing. I was also proud of the 3rd-5th grade students who took the tests seriously and put in a great effort. Thank you for the collaborative effort to help make this exam process a success.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve the process for next year please add it on this doc: Grant Forward Exam

Learning Leaders/ILT Wanted!

As part of the district Learning Leaders program, staff who are selected, are selected for a 3-year term. We are looking for a 2nd or 3rd grade teacher, Interventionist, Special Education or ELL staff member to apply for the 2017-17 school year.

As a member of LL here are some of your expectations:

  • Meet in district wide meetings (August 11 and the 3rd Tuesday of each month)
  • Meet twice a month in school Instructional Leadership Team
  • Assist in the communication of the district/Grant school vision
  • Communicate needs of staff to school administration, district administration and school leadership team
  • Develop and monitor school goals and support staff in our effort to meet those goals

Please submit your application by May 19th to me if you are interested.

Wednesday's Professional Development

Thank you to the ILT members who planned and facilitated Wednesday's PD. As I have mentioned all year, the Gradual Release of Responsibility is part of the District Board Goal 1.1. As I have made my way through the building on evaluations, I have seen the benefits of this process in your classrooms.

Looking into next year, all schools will be asked to develop a school Reading and Math goal. GRR will continue to be the instructional method we use to meet those goals. I will be looking for people who are interested in spending a few hours this summer to help contribute to the goals and planning for PD for next year. If you are on the Curriculum Companion or District Math groups or are interested in providing input, I will be sending out dates soon.

I came across a blog this weekend that serves as a follow-up to our PD. Although its focus is on Math Workshop (click here for the blog) it has gives us another example of how GRR, differentiation and guided instruction are being used. (An additional link to more resources is listed below)

A few deals for teachers this week...

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