Kickapoo Chiefs!

Engaging. Relevant. Personal. February 11, 2016


  1. Ashlie Lord has been reading Blended and has been working to implement it into her classroom. She had a successful blended day where she had one group on ALEKS, one group receiving instruction and one small group working on the objective. Groups rotated around the stations. :)
  2. Debbie Sibet completed the very long February Scholarship Bulletin with a great attitude and in an efficient,timely manner. Please encourage your seniors to pick up a copy today!
  3. Graphic Design 2 is very close to finalizing the KOLR 10 coloring book going to publication.
  4. Nancy Bright-Kaufmanm has been nominated for Teacher of the Year!
  5. Lori Riemenschneider was selected by our local VFW as their Teacher of the Year nomination for the district and national award program.

Staff Meeting Tuesday

Tuesday, February 16, at 3:00 p.m. we will have a staff meeting after school in the Library. Please be prepared to share your personal experiences of how a teacher from your past made learning either Engaging, Relevant, or Personal and be ready to share a lesson that you made learning Engaging, Relevant, or Personal. The make-up session will be Wednesday, February, 17, at 7:15 in the Library classroom.
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Relationships and the Power of Our Words

The video below is a great example of the impact we have on students and how important it is for students to know how much we care about them.
Students react to being called important

Tech Tool of the Week - Shannon McDonald

Do the words Hashtag#, Trending, Tweeting and Retweeting cause you anxiety issues? Have you said, “I just don’t get it”? For a simple to the point explanation of Twitter and instructions on how to create an account, click on the links below.

Here’s a great short video clip explaining Twitter.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Create a Twitter Account