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September 2018

A letter from your Principals!

Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! Thank you for your flexibility as we transition into the school year with construction continuing into October. The new playground and updated bathrooms are quite exciting for everyone.

Our week started off with a Red Carpet Celebration as students entered the front doors. We LOVED seeing the children walk with smiles down the red carpet as the staff greeted them. On Tuesday, students were greeted with inspirational messages from the staff. "You Make Schlegel Tigeriffic!" was the theme on Thursday. Of course, on Friday, School Spirit Day, students were encouraged to have a "Pawsome Day!. We hope your child(ren) shared these special events along with all the great experiences they shared with their classmates and teachers!

We are looking for a wonderful year with you and your family!

Have a wonderful year!

Francine Leggett & Robin Jennings

Principal and Assistant Principal

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Be sure to note the following on your Calendars!

Tuesday, September 18 - PTSA Meeting @ 4:00pm

Friday, September 28 - Picture day for Grades K-3 and 5

Monday, October 1 - Picture Day for Grade 4

Friday, October 5 - Superintendent Conference Day - No School

Monday, October 8 - Columbus Day - No School

Friday, October 12 - PTSA Fall Dance/Scarecrow Contest

Parent Conferences: Students will be dismissed at 11:20

Thursday, October 18

Friday, October 19

Friday October 26

Please be sure to plan for your child to arrive home early on all three days.

Parents will meet with their child’s teacher twice a year, once in October and once in March. You will receive two reports cards summarizing your student’s progress towards the end of the year goals-one in February and one in June.

A Note from the Main Office

Parents –

When writing a bus pass for your child, please include the following information: Date, Student Name and Teacher Name

Bus number and destination address: please contact friend’s parent to obtain this information.

A Note from your School Nurses


Just a reminder that most everything we learned about preventing infectious diseases we learned from our moms & dads: Wash Your Hands, Cover Your Mouth & Nose When You Sneeze, Throw Away Your Tissues Promptly and then Wash Your Hands!

Influenza (the flu) is usually in season from October through March. Remember it is easily transmitted through the air (ie sneezing) & close personal contact. Cold & flu viruses can linger on doorknobs, telephone receivers and other surfaces. It is important to wash your hands frequently & try to avoid rubbing your eyes & nose or putting your hands around your mouth.

Regarding colds/flu here are some guidelines to use in determining whether your child should stay at home:

-Fever greater than 100.4 orally.

-Child is too ill, sleepy or lethargic to sit all day in school.

-Severe headache, especially if accompanied by a fever (contact your healthcare provider).

-Severe sore throat, with fever or lethargy, lasting longer than 48 hours (contact healthcare provider). Reminder: If your child has had a throat culture for strep, he/she may NOT be in school until the results are known. If your child is diagnosed with strep, he/she MUST be on antibiotics 24 hours before returning to school.

Webster Central School District Health Office Medication Procedure for Elementary Schools:

Students may receive medications in school, if necessary, in order to maintain an optimal state of health, to remain in school and participate in their educational program. The following district protocol must be followed in order to meet NY State regulations and good health practices:

  • A physician must prescribe all medications. Medication orders must be renewed for every school year. Medication Orders include non-prescription “over the counter” medications such as Tylenol and cough drops. The medication MUST match the prescription (generic or trade name).

  • A completed Medication Order Form is required in order for the nurse to administer medication in school. A pharmacy label is not a written physician’s order.

  • Medication Order Forms are available in online select departments: Health Office - District/ select forms/ select the form or Many physicians have their own forms, which are also acceptable, provided they include the physician’s signature.

  • Written permission from the parent is also required. The parent may sign the medication order, sent a separate permission form or email.

  • Discuss the medication, administration and the side effects with your child’s physician. Notify the school nurse of any concerns.

  • The parent/guardian must make arrangements to have any medication available in a properly labeled, original pharmacy container. All over-the-counter medication must be brought in the original container. Medication in baggies is never acceptable. A second empty bottle must be provided for Field Trips.

  • The parent/guardian must bring the medication to and from school. A student is not allowed to transport medications of any kind to or from school.. Rapid Acting Rescue Medication may be an exception. Discuss this with the school nurse.

  • The School Nurse will notify the parent/guardian when medication supply is running low.

If you anticipate any special circumstances or have any questions, please contact us during school hours at 216-6023. We look forward to assisting you in maintaining your child’s health during the school year and greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Kristen Estelle RN BSN and Rachael Rock RN BSN

Schlegel Road Elementary Health Office

Webster Central School District


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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports aka PBIS

What is PBIS?

This is a framework in which we provide students with clear expectations for behaviors. We provide explicit teaching about what we expect while they are here in school. Our students in Webster use CARE as the acronym for showing Cooperation, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. The teachers and staff provide lessons on these traits for all areas of the school-classrooms, dining room, hallways, bathrooms, buses and use of technology. We know that young children need to be shown how to behave in all areas so they can feel safe and make the right choices.

We also want to reinforce the positive behaviors outwardly as this is the P in PBIS. At Schlegel, we will be sending postcards home with positive notes each month, announcing the names of these students and taking a picture to hang in our hall at school. You may also notice your child coming home with a CARE paw sticker. We use those, too, to catch our students making good choices. If your child comes home with one, please ask him/her to tell you why the sticker was given and celebrate.