The Westward Expansion

By Burke Vukasovic

The Explorers

We were told by President Jefferson to explore and find a northwest passage to the Pacific Ocean. We were also told to look for new species of creatures and or new materials we can harvest.

Our journey was made difficult by a few things. Well.. Almost by everything. Some things were that we were very scarce on food, water and sometimes almost died from being too hot or cold. We also had difficult things like the rapids, Cactus in our feet and bears and such.

If you are willing to take this trip, your are crazy. Though if you are crazy enough here is some advice. Take food and supplies, bring lots of teammates, have horses, and clothing for all weather. Bring many pairs of shoes as well. Also... Bring a boat.

Though, I know this will have an impact on many future generations. We made many relationships with Indians for our country, discovered new land all the way to the Pacific and new animals as well. It will allow us to know our own continent better and our environment as well.

The Pioneer Woman

We moved west with our husbands either for gold and to live and expand somewhere and or move west for lots of land to farm and live and thrive in the west.

The journey westward was very difficult for us. Though I would usually take care of the Children and Cook we still had to do other things such as treat people with wounds and sew as well. Though huge challenges for the others and I were the big storms, accidents of any sort and I heard for a few groups that there were even Indian attacks.

If you were to take this trip take lots of clothes, food , water , family prepared and ready, medical tools and medicine. Also bring anything you want to take with, because if you leave it behind you will most likely not see it again. So anything you might need, take it with such as oxen.

I think that our journeys would help form our wonderful country the United States by helping our country expand westward creating more farm lands, states, towns and all these things that would allow us to thrive and grow.

The Forty-Niners

Well, I moved west to get me some of that golden sunshine. I brought my pick and everything, I plan on living there until the gold runs thin and dry.

Our journey was pretty difficult. We had to make our way west and avoid Indians, Bandits, Storms and we had to get food and water pretty often. We also had to be ready just in case any of us get hurt.

Some advice of this trip is to come prepared with food, water, clothing, medical supplies and plenty of things for traveling like water , oxen and such. But be aware of those bandits. Also, that gold we are talking about... Heh , That stuff is mine!

Oregon Country

I am Joe Smackerknackle. I am going to tell you about the Oregon Country. Well before I moved here this land was owned by Russia, Spain , Great Britian and The United States.

I was one of the 1,000 pioneers that came here in 1843. Also 2,000 more followed us to Oregon Country in 1844 a year after I moved here.

This area is a tree covered wilderness, a great place for hunting and wood. It is a beautiful area for us to live in. Our family loves it. Thats my story of me and the Oregon country.