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Is Responsive Design Still in Future?

As new new technologies are emerging fast new trends are also seeing in web designs. One of today’s very renewed technology that is responsive web designs. If u doesn’t know much about this, I will tell you how it is moving fast and fast in web design field. First of all we have a little look on responsive web design and then we have a talk about its main trend coming forward.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD):-

The year 2013 is the RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN era. This Responsive word is approaching day by day by web designers and Web Development Company in New York. It is a web design - easy for reading and navigation especially for mobile sites.With this ‘Responsive’ the websites adjust itself in any size mainly mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop according to visitor equipment. And there is no need to scroll from right to left or left to right ti adjusts a page, only scrolling up and down is must.

Explanation with an example:

Today most of people have internet browsing for their mobile phones. So they want to visit many websites on their mobiles.

For example - if they are checking the site of Railway booking they are not going to see the pictures only. The main thing they want is content - the exact time of trains. So the word RESPONSIVE has made it very easy. Now it is very easy to visit the main sites on the mobiles without facing many difficulties.

Latest trends

Latest Responsive trends in 2013 or we can say new innovation in web designs are as follows:

Trend of content

The main trend evolving through Responsive web design is’ content’.

The epistemology meaning of content is a state of satisfaction.

By reading this definition we can say that content should be of that type which can satisfy users. It should be easily readable, captures attention of users, understandable.

If your content is failed to capture the eyes of users then it will be a failure of your website.

So this is one of the trendiest techniques in Responsive web design and while designing we have to keep it in mind and place it first preference.

Trend of simplicity:

Simplification on every sites are coming in trend, especially, the traditional websites are opting it more hastily. The more simple functions, the more easily to handle it.

Trend of interface element:

As demanding of internet is evolving, the new apps are coming forward. Today, interface element one of the famous style of app is on demand. It is a process of transformation of desktop website into mobile sites. If the app is simpler, interactive interface design to use it is going to be more popular. There are many new interface designs like Istid, blackbook, weat, wthr which is increasingly imitate the style and interfaces of mobile apps.

Trend of SVG and Responsive Technique:

Scalable vector Graphics (SVG) is one of the most developed technologies in websites. It is a new technique of Responsive design. This technique represents graphics with paths, shapes, colors, fonts, filter, animation etc. at any scale . With SVG we can implement Responsive design by zooming, fonting the size or images.

Trend of less colors and skeuomorphic:

A new trend that is moving with skeuomorphic is flat colors or designs. Today most of the designers are adopting this technique in their websites to show simplicity. Skeuomorphic designs are the design resemble with real designs. So as we know that we all want a real thing and this skeuomorphic makes many apps same like real one.

Trend of agnostic:

AGNOSTIC means without knowing the complete functions of a system.

This Agnostic technology is evolving and becoming widespread for business sites. With the wide spreading of smart phones, android, tablets, ios , the demand of new apps seem to be gaining and trendy and has made amazing applications.

Trend of sensors:

Sensors a new innovation in devices is becoming a new trend in Responsive web. Sensor makes the electrical equipments much more like human abilities.

For example: we have now many devices that has touching sense enable and these are of speech based that make our work more easy and approachable .it is the best out of mobile technologies.


In the end we can conclude that the unification of desktop and mobile into a single version has made our work accessible. We are a web design company in new york have now many internet of things like interactive TV that is leading role and many more latest Responsive mobile trends that are mentioned above is becoming the part and parcel of designers.