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Theme: Rules are there to protect us, but sometimes love is more important.

During the play A Midsummer's Night's Dream by William Shakespeare rules and discipline are common topics brought up several times throughout the book. Hermia is constantly torn between listening to her father and following her heart.
Taylor Swift - Never Grow Up - Lyrics

SONG 1: NEVER GROW UP -Taylor Swift

This is the song Hermia would listen to at the beginning of the show, once she realizes her father will not let her marry Lysander. I think that this song would be what got her through it, because she would be telling herself that her father was only protecting her, that he didn't want her to grow up too fast. I think this is where she would begin to think that rules are important and there for a reason. Personally, I think that Egeus was not making this rule to protect her, but I bet Hermia would listen to this in order to convince herself of it.

"Don't you ever grow up, it could stay this simple
Won't let nobody hurt you"

This part is written from the perspective of a mother to her daughter, and I think if Hermia was listening to this she would feel reassured that Egeus was protecting her to the best of her ability.

Third Day - You Are My Everything


This would be the song that convinced Hermia to run away with Lysander. It would show her that a person can be everything to her, that running away with him could be worth it. She would listen to it while making her decision, and then be sure that it was worth it to love him and risk everything.

"Well, I've been in love before
But it's never felt like this
When you're knockin' at my door
How can I resist?"

These lines will tell Hermia that it is okay to run away with Lysander. If she is truly in love with him (which she is) then she will know that it will be worth it.

Wilco-"We're Just Friends" from "Summerteeth"


This is the song that Hermia would listen to when she was so mad at Demetrius for loving her. I think it would make her laugh because it was so relatable, and she could play it for Helena to show she truly hated Demetrius.

"Over and over and over again

I say that were just friends"

Again, simple lines that mean a lot to Hermia. This is exactly how she feels about Demetrius at the start of the play, so these lines she would probably feel extremely connected to.

The Beatles - Think For Yourself (Lyrics)


This song is what truly empowers Hermia as she is walking out the door to meet Lysander. It is what tells her that it doesn't matter what her dad thinks, she needs to think for herself. I think this song has a great message, especially for someone like Hermia who needs to speak up.

"I left you far behind
The ruins of the life that you had in mind"

These two lines are the most powerful, and the ones that really tell Hermia her life would be awful if she constantly lived under the rule of her father. This is when she gets up the courage to leave for once and for all.

The Wanted - Glad You Came


I think this would be a song to further reassure Hermia that her decision to run away with Lysander was a good one, as it is talking about how two people in love are glad they hung out together. I think she will feel as though Lysander is singing this song to her, which would make her feel more confident about her decision.

"And all that counts
Is here and now
My universe will never be the same
I'm glad you came"

These few lines will make her realize how much of a life-changer this is, but in a positive way. They are saying that if she hadn't come, then everything could be different, which is exactly the message Hermia needs to hear.

A Great Big World - "Say Something"


Hermia would listen to this while looking for Lysander after she woke the first time. She would be calling his name, saying "Say something!". This song talks about how she is beginning to give up on him. It would make her calm down, slow her heart rate, as the song is slow. It could clear her head and help her through.

Say something, I'm giving up on you
I'll be the one, if you want me to
Anywhere I would've followed you
Say something, I'm giving up on you

This is saying that all she wanted was to be with him, but Lysander left. These would be the lines that hit Hermia hardest, which would be hard for her to listen to, but as I said it would at least clear her head.

Miranda Lambert - Somethin' Bad ft. Carrie Underwood

SONG 7: SOMETHIN' BAD -Miranda Lambert featuring Carrie Underwood

This song would be what Hermia was listening to all during the fight with Lysander. While reading this scene, it seemed as though the tension was rising and rising, and someone was seriously going to get hurt. I'm sure Hermia felt the same way. This song was probably just playing in the background, which could get Hermia so tense that that was why she just ran.

"Wake up in the morning’ don’t know what happened
Whoa… Something bad
Whoa… Something bad"

When the song starts slowing down and the 'woah's are put it, I bet Hermia would freak out and her heart would start racing and she would bolt, just like she did in the play. It might not be the best song to listen to, but it helped her escape.


SONG 8: BAD BLOOD -Taylor Swift

This would be the song Hermia listened to after Lysander was claiming to be in love with Helena, and criticizing Hermia. She would listen to this song and realize that even Taylor Swift has bad fights. She would listen and try and get through what was happening to her.

"Cause baby now we got bad blood
You know it used to be mad love
So take a look at what you've done"

This quote from the lyrics would represent Hermia's feelings exactly. She would realize that they had once been in love but he was now the enemy. I definitely think this song would help her get through Lysander yelling at her.

Atlantic Starr - Am I Dreaming

SONG 9: AM I DREAMING? -Atlantic Starr

This would be the song Hermia listened to after she woke up and felt like everything was a hazy dream. Sometimes people feel comfort just in realizing they are not alone in something, and I think this is one of those times. Personally, I would feel very confused if I woke up and couldn't make sense of anything, so this song seems appropriate. Also, this song is a love song too, so I believe that this would help Hermia get past her daze and fall right back in love with Lysander

"Things are kind of hazy
And my head's all cloudy inside"

These lines are a good representation of how Hermia is feeling, so she would easily relate to the song right from the start.

She's Leaving Home- The Beatles


I think Hermia would listen to this after she and Lysander run away, and she begins doubting her actions. Just before she decides to return, while she is mad at Lysander, she would listen to this song and realize how upset her parents would be. I think this would be a song telling her to go home, that she should return to her father.

"She breaks down and cries to her husband "Daddy our baby's gone
Why would she treat us so thoughtlessly?
How could she do this to me?" "

I think this line would hit Hermia hard and she would realize that Egeus must be terribly upset that she left. This would be the line that convinced her to return home.

Bonus: Lysander?

Below is one song off of Lysander and Demetrius's playlist...
Scotty McCreery - The Trouble With Girls