8th Grade Service Project

Parth Mehta

Who I worked for and how I helped

I worked for BAPS, a religious organization that does service throughout the community following a religion. BAPS is an organization that is made up of people from my religion, Swaminarayan, who do work for the community. BAPS does a variety of service from feeding people who need food to helping clean up the aftermath of wildfires. I did a variety of things to help out. I cleaned the temple, I helped organize the pantry and I helped take out the trash every once in a while. There was no "targeted" population that I helped because I helped a variety of people.
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My experience there and what I learned

When I worked at BAPS I enjoyed the experience. I was able to meet other kids my age who were trying to help out. The kids I met were trying to complete their service hours for their school too. I also was able to correct a stereotype I had in my head. I thought that people in bad financial situations did not have houses and were struggling to survive. This is not true at all, there are people in bad financial situations who have a house and children. Sometimes they have a nice family but one parent is trying to find a job. There are many different situations that people are in and I learned that I can not stereotype a type of person because there are so many different situations they can be in.

The two things I did to help

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What I accomplished

I accomplished many things in my ten service hours. I helped clean up around the temple by vacuuming and picking up trash. I also helped clean up the areas where they served dinner after they served dinner. I took out the big trash cans to the dumpster and I cleaned up the bathrooms by scrubbing them and emptying the trash cans.

Ways to solve this problem

There are multiple ways to solve these problems. People can do small things like picking up trash after they drop it or pick up trash they see on the side of the road. This alone will help the environment. People can plant trees to help the environment or even use less water per day. You can use energy saver light bulbs to help your energy consumption. There are many small ways that people can help solve this problem.