Library Annual Report 2017-2018

Jen Delgado

HB du Pont Middle School

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Library Visits as recorded by LibraryTrac


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It's not easy to find time to get to the library in middle school...but HB students still checked out 3,900 books by May.

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ELA class visits by grade

Each ELA teacher has one day every three weeks available for book check out, excluding some holiday or testing weeks, resulting in about 75 possible visits per grade.
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Making the library inviting

Removing Shelves

Outdated, unused, and damaged books were removed to make our library a more comfortable spot for students.
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Multimedia Lab

The bulky desktops are mostly gone, which left us with room to create the beginnings of a multimedia lab in the library. We currently have two stop motion animation booths set up as well as two green screen areas. We also have flexible seating - a large grouping of tables on wheels with whiteboard tops for brainstorming. The tables can be pushed together or moved apart as needed. New chairs replaced the uncomfortable wooden chairs, and allow for rocking, rolling, or engaged core muscles on a wobbling stool. More updates will follow next year; hopefully we will install a podcast booth, 3D printer, and poster printer to create more ways for students to express themselves and show what they have learned.

Collaboration with teachers

Technology Instruction and Video Creation

Mrs. Casper brought her students in to learn about using Google Slides and copyright-free images for their book project.

Mrs. Zufelt brought her students in to learn how to use the photo app on their chromebooks and create Google Slides of their artwork.

Mrs. Siberski brought students to learn screen casting and how to use the green screen and copyright free images for their biography project.

Mrs. King brought students to make anti-bullying green screen videos.

Mr. Furrowh brought student to create Touchcast videos about their goals for middle school.

Research Instruction

During Black History Month I instructed Mrs. Foreman's class in research skills, evaluating websites, using databases, and finding copyright free images. The project concluded with students creating green screen videos in the library.

I instructed students from Siberski's, Casper's, and Zufelt's classes in finding copyright free photos as well.

Library Highlights 2017-2018

  • Library Orientations (6th grade)
  • Stop motion animation stations created
  • 300 new book titles added
  • 1,000 books weeded to create more reading room - books donated to HB students
  • Desktop computer lab removed
  • Purchased new flexible seating and whiteboard tables
  • Collaborative lessons with Zufelt, Siberski, Casper, Foreman, Furrowh, and King
  • Hosted book fair
  • Me to We activity block hosted a bake sale and raised $600 to buy toys, games, and books for children at A.I. Hospital
  • Me to We activity block collected backpacks and toiletries to give to the homeless
  • Library Aides activity block worked the checkout counter and helped with library tasks
  • Book Review activity block previewed titles for the Hockessin Book Shelf and provided reviews for their shelves.
  • Computer Apps activity block worked on coding, stop motion animation, green screen and more.

Chromebook Implementation Team

  • Organized distribution process for HB students
  • Organized collection process for HB students
  • Repaired or trouble shot over 400 computers
  • Managed work orders and the collection and return of over 500 damaged chromebooks
  • Managed daily loans of chromebooks and other equipment for the 1:1 program
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Professional Accomplishments

Festival of Words 2018

  • Planned the Festival format and timing
  • Raised funds (over $5,000)
  • Marketed to educators and students
  • Coordinated buses for school groups
  • Managed 20 volunteers
  • Coordinated and supervised book sales
  • Website
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  • Team leader for third year
  • Library Curriculum Council member for fourth year
  • Delaware Library Association Long Range Planning Committee for second year
  • Delaware Association for School Librarians past president
  • Governor's Council on School Libraries member for fifth year
  • Presented PD to HB teachers about Teacher Tech Tools
  • Presented PD to RCCSD Librarians about the new library standards

Moving Forward

Goals for the 2018-2019 school year

  • Expand Multimedia lab to include more tools, including a poster printer and eventually a 3D printer
  • Encourage ELA teachers to place more value on independent reading and make books more accessible to students.
  • Create more opportunities to collaborate on research projects with teachers
  • Increase awareness and use of the Overdrive library