The Mystery of The Crystal Skull

By : Holly Knego

What is a Crystal Skull

British Museum is holding one of the worlds greatest and unexplained mystery's, the crystal Skull found bye Mitchell-Hedges. Most crystal skulls are uncommon and mysterious. There are a handful of these skulls have fueled an interest and disagreement among archaeologists, scientists, spiritualists, and museum officials for more than a century. But they also excite the popular imagination because they seem so mysterious.

Some of the Theories

The Aztecs claim they were given the skull bye the god. Looking at the carvings and art the sky god bears a strong resemblance to a man in a space suit. So some scientist and archaeologists believe that it could have been aliens.

Another theory is that the skulls are like computers . "We believe the Crystal Skulls are a form of computer which are able to record energy and vibration that occur around them," he writes. " The skull will pictorially replay all events or images of the people who have come into contact with them (i.e. they contain the history of our world)." By Richard A. Lovett and Scot Hoffman.

Even though this theory has lots off people with doubts i believe these two along with some others that theirs are the the most reasonable in my opinion.