The Teaching the Gospel Course

January 10 - March 27, during the 2nd block

The Lords has commanded us to "teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom" (D&C 88:77)

This course provides a foundation that will help Church members become more effective gospel teachers in their homes and in the Church.

When: Every Sunday from January 10 - March 27 right after Sacrament meeting

This course was designed to be taught during Sunday School. It consists of 12 lessons which build on each other. The more lessons you can attend, the better.

Where: In the classroom just past the bishop's office

Materials Class Members Will Need

  1. Scriptures
  2. A notebook or journal in which you can write notes, assignments, and insights
  3. A copy of Teaching, No Greater Call (One will be provided for you if you do not have access to it online or through the gospel library app; It can be found in the app under Lessons, then Sunday School)

Course Overview

  • Lesson 1, "The Importance of Gospel Teaching in God's Plan," sets the tone for the entire Teaching the Gospel course. It focuses on the Lord's grand design to teach us the plan of redemption. The lesson teaches that we can assist in this sacred work.
  • Lessons 2, 3, and 4 present three fundamental principles of gospel teaching: "Love Those You Teach," "Teach by the Spirit," and "Teach the Doctrine."
  • Lesson 5, "Invite Diligent Learning," focuses on helping individuals take responsibility for learning the gospel.
  • Lessons 6 and 7, both titled "Create a Learning Atmosphere," show how to prevent and solve problems that can arise in teaching situations.
  • In lessons 8 and 9, both titled "Use Effective Methods," you will learn about and discuss the effective use of a variety of teaching methods.
  • Lesson 10, "Prepare Every Needful Thing," show how to plan lessons.
  • In lessons 11 and 12 class members will apply everything that they have learning in the first 10 lessons. Lesson 11, "Improve upon Your Talents," helps class members make a personal plan for improvement and show how the many resources available in the ward can help them carry out this plan successfully. Lesson 12, "Go Forth and Teach," give class members the opportunity to teach one another by sharing what they have learned during the course.