2.09 Steps of Selling Process

By:Cole Tysinger

1.) Approach Customer

Approaching the customer means greeting them and asking them if they need help with anything.
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2.) Determine Needs

The worker needs to determine the customers needs by asking questions and listening to what the customer has to say.
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3.) Present the Product

When you find out what the customer needs then you can find a product they were talking about.
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4.) Overcome Objections

Sometimes the customer has objections about the product, you overcome that by giving features and benefits of the product to the customer.
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5.) Close the Sale

To close the sale you need to sale the product to the customer.
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6.) Suggestion Selling

Suggest different items but similar to their needs to see if they want that too.
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7.) Build Relationships

The worker or company needs to build a relationship with the customer by sending them e-mails, letters or even calling them to make sure they are satisfied.
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