Baron de Montesquieu

"separation of powers"

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Baron de Montesquieu got his name from his uncle, who took care of him after his father died. Montesquieu's birth name was Charles Louis de Secondat, born in Bordeaux, France in 1689. He become a member of the Bordeaux and French Academies of Science and studied the customs and government of the country of Europe. In 1721, Montesquieu gained fame with his Persian Letters, which focused on the fact about the liberties of the wealthy and the church.

Montesquieu's View on the Government

Baron de Montesquieu believe people's role in the government should be based off moral goodness and equality. He believe that citizens should put the public's interests before their own interests. Also, states should be kept small so everyone has a role in the government. Montesquieu proposed the idea of having the government divide into three branches to balance each other out. Each branch will have different powers, but they will be equal. Montesquieu called this idea the "separation of powers".

What is Montesquieu's Ideal Government?

I believe Montesquieu's ideal government is democracy he believed that people's role should be equal. Because he came up with the idea that there are three branches and none of them overpowers the other, I was led to believe that Montesquieu believed in equality. The type of government that promotes equality is democracy, so that is why I believed Montesquieu's ideal form of government is democracy.

As Said by Montesquieu..

"Useless laws weaken the necessary laws."

"Liberty is the right of doing whatever the law permits."