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Albert Einstein March 14th 1879-April 15th 1955


Albert Einstein started out walking slow and it worried his parents so much they consulted a doctor. Even after he had learned how to speak, somewhere around the age of 2, he developed a quirk. “Every sentence he uttered, no matter how routine, he repeated himself softly, moving his lips.” Recalled his younger sister. “He had such difficulty with language that those around him feared he would never learn. He also had a cheeky rebelliousness towards authority, making on schoolmaster send him packing declaring he would never amount to much. These traits caused him to be a school distraction.


Albert Einstein went to a Catholic School at the age of 5 for three long years. When he was 8 years old, he was transferred to Luitpold Gymnasium, now known as Albert Einstein Gymnasium until he left Germany seven years afterwards. His college was University Of Zurich.

Birthdate, Death, Housing

Albert Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879, in Ulm, Kingdom Of Württemburg, German Empire; and died on April 18th, 1955, at the old age of 76. Albert Einstein lived in many different places throughout his long life. He lived in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and of course, The USA.

Why He Is Famous

We all know why Albert Einstein is famous, because he was one of the smartest mathematicians/scientists ever. But today we’ll be looking a little deeper into that fact. Albert Einstein was most famous equation, but he was also famous for his two theories of relativity. First we will talk about his theory of General Relativity. This theory states that objects cause space to bend in the same way that putting a tennis ball on a thin sheet would make the sheet bend. “The larger the object, the more space bends.” Sadly I cannot not find simple info on the other Theory of Relativity, Special relativity.
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Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Made Easy