Prohibit De-Extinction

Why we shouldn't bring back extinct species

Will the species even be able to live here now?

If we do bring back a species like the Wooly mammoth then they would not be suited to this environment.

Do we really want this?!

If humans caused the species to become extinct...

If humans caused the species to become extinct than instead of wasting our time and resources to try to bring them back, we should learn from our mistakes and not let it happen again. We might just also take the fact we can revive extinct species for granted and just let them go extinct again and again not really caring because we think we can just bring them back again.

If the species became extinct naturally...

The species went extinct anyway, We shouldn't try to bring back something that didn't survive natural selection. If it didn't survive natural selections then that just proves it isn't fit enough. It isn't right to go against nature's choice.

How about the already Endangered Species?

We should spend a lot of our resources on trying to not let the already endangered species become extinct. The extinct species are gone, why should we waste our time on them?


We don't even know if it will work? Why should we use precious resources for something we don't even know will work?