My True Colors

2nd Hour Online Experience


~I was imaginative

~I reacted with sensitivity towards rejection and discordance

~I respond to encouragement rather than competition


~I seek harmonious relationships

~I am a true romantic who believes in warmth, drama, and empathy

~I enjoy symbols or romance such as flowers, candlelight, music, and cherish small gestures of affection


~I have a strong desire to influence others in a positive way

~I often work in the arts, communication, education, and helping professions

~I am adept at motivating and interacting with others

Leadership Style

~Individuals oriented

~Encourages change in potential

~Change time allows for sense of security

~Democrat, unstructured apporach

Symptoms of a Bad Day



~Passive resistance

~Lying to save face

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1) The 3 characteristics that fit me best are Sympathetic, Compassionate, and Personal.

2) The 3 characteristics that do not fit me best are Spiritual, Flexible, and Idealistic .

3) When working, i could help others and push them to do their best, while maybe forcing them or influencing them in the wrong way accidentally.