Now We're Singin'!

9 months to 4 years old

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Saturday, June 20th, 10am-12pm

2122 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA

Complimentary Entry With Registration Limited to 20

Site Host, "Zuka Baby"

Hey Mom!

  • Got a kid who LOVES music?
  • Missing time or expertise to grow her potential?
  • Want 8 songs and chants he'll love?
  • Then this workshop is for you!

With our fun moves, floortime, singing conversations, catchy tunes, and cool rhythms, your sings-a-lot, bops-to-the-rhythm kid will get happy!

Why is this perfect for you?

  • Informal so kids keep loving music without pressure
  • Organic so kids understand how to teach music to themselves naturally

Gordon Music Learning Theory guides this workshop, so we'll practice kid-friendly tonal and rhythm activities that build preparatory audiation skills. We'll gently explore flowing movement and weight together.


10:00 am - Group I, Age 9 mos to 2 years

5 min Intro games and warmup

10 min Rhythm jam
10 min Expressive movement
10 min Ideas for home music center and activities

10 min Vocal exploration

10 min Tonal pattern discovery

11:00 am - Repeat for Group II, Age 2 to 4 years

Parents & experts said, "Five Stars!"

“Our 4 year old son just finished a week-long music course. He had a fantastic time and we couldn’t be happier with the teacher and the methodology. I learned a bit myself in those 5 days and I know I’ll be able to connect with our son musically in a more meaningful way. I wish every child could spend some time with Ekanem!” – Debra E., Houston, TX

“My daughter was singing the songs over and over yesterday at home.” –Erin M., Stafford, TX

"Ms. Ebinne has a beautiful singing voice that makes an excellent model for young singers. She also has incredible musicianship skills. I had several opportunities to observe her teach children. The children were very attracted to her and seemed to be enjoying her playful, inviting lesson. These children appeared to be very comfortable exploring their voices and their physical space. She is artistic in the way she makes her purposeful strategies seem fun."
- Jay M. Beams II, Vocal / General Music Specialist, Hillsborough City Elementary West, Hayward, CA

"One thing that stood out to me when I met Ekanem was her enthusiasm and her desire to help young children learn music. Her music classes are delightful. She is a wonderful model and teacher and is well educated in ways to help young children learn music."
-- Marilyn Lowe, M.A., MMus. Author, "Music Moves for Piano" Instruction Series. Springfield, MO

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