Hadrians Wall

Hadrian's Wall is located in northern Great Britain

Facts on Hadrians Wall

Hadrians Wall was built in A.D 122, it was 117 km long across the narrow neck of England from the North sea to the Irish sea. When the Romans first built it, it was 8 to 10 ft high and 15 across. The Romans built the wall because they were afraid the people of the North would attack them. The wall was built between Britain-Roman and Scotland. The name Hadrian came From the Emperor Hadrian, and it was the largest construction built the Romans. During the construction of the wall the Romans decided to add forts in place to strengthen their defences, a total of 16 forts were put in place. The forts that were built on Hadrians wall were placed with two turrets on each of them, the wall was also constructed as a trading hub as well as to patrol the border. Hadrians wall was built so well that even 2000 years later the construction still stands and you can walk along it.

Why you should visit Hadrians wall

Walking Hadrians Wall provides a great scenery of the English-Scotland border and one of the best hiking experiences of England. For a full day walk it takes around 8 hours long and the cost is $15 per person and is recommended for experienced hikers.