Chatting Online With Safety

By Elli BEAR

Chatting With People For Long

When being safe online you must not share any of you're personal information because even though you have been chatting with someone online they can still be tricking you. You can be chatting with them for a long long time but you cant know what they're up to, they can still trick you even if you trust them. I've had a friend that I play with online, I even know her in real life, once we shared our game information(Username, Password etc.), I logged onto her account and she logged onto mine,(The game is a Horse game called Star Stable, its free but you need to download it and make a profile, you play with people around Australia or you can change your servers to other countries.) When I got onto her account she had a bunch of horses, I rid them all and she was on my account, but it wasn't her, it was her friend, she must've told her friend! I said Hello but no reply. I was worried, my friend came up to my house to ask me to get off her account but I wanted my account so I said "No! You're friend is on my account, get her off or I wont log off you'res!" She said "Fine.." She talked to her friend and got her to log off, I and my friend got to play together then, but it did happen again and she was blamed, the second time, my friend logged on to mine for only ten minutes then logged off, I went on mine and one of horses was gone, she sold it. So they're still able to trick you, even if you trust them.