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Ms. Kelton and Mr. Lancaster

Week 5 of At Home Learning

Well, as many of you have heard, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued and Executive Order to keep schools closed for the remainder of the academic school year. We are extremely saddened at what this means for our students, parents, and fellow educators, but please know that we are here for you and your students. We know that the order will help to keep you, your student, us, and our families all protected. So with that said, we will continue with our Distant Learning as we start Week 5.

We are still having our weekly Zoom meetings. Our goal is to use these meetings as a means to educate and communicate with the students. We encourage all students to take part in these meetings as their friends and teachers all wish to see them. We can learn so much from these meetings as well as the students can receive help with any issues they may be having with the work or behavioral. But most of all we want these meetings to be meaningful and fun for the students. So if we haven't seen you in a meeting yet, just know that we and your classmates look forward to your zoom-in!

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Week 5 of at Home learning

Hello students and families!!
As we ease into Week 5 of At Home Learning, please know that we see and appreciate all of the hard work you’re doing with your kiddo to help ensure their academic success. The Paper Packets are being completed and turned in at a steady rate and the assigned online learning lessons are being checked off.
When we left school for Spring Break on March 6, never in a million years would we have thought that would be our last time with each other for this school year. I,like many of you, have shed tears and grieved over not having hugged each of the kiddos a little tighter and longer as they left that afternoon as the reality sets in that our time together in a traditional classroom setting has come to an abrupt end for the school year. I go into the school and it’s like everything is suspended in time; smiling faces on photos lining my desk and a pile of crafts lay idle where our students traced their beautiful hands. From the bottom of our hearts, I mean it when I say that we love your child and we miss them greatly. But as Dr.Seuss says,”Don't cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” and let me reassure you, your kids filled our hearts with joy and made us smile BIG during our time together in the 2019-2020 school year.
We’ll all keep plowing forward and working our hearts out to end this School Year on a bright,positive note. Remember....we’re here for you...please call,text or email anytime.
Keep up the awesome work you’re doing,keep washing those hands and remember to be excellent to each other.
Love,Ms.Kelton & Crew

ZOOM Mtgs. for Ms.Kelton’s Class will take place on Tuesday. Be watching for your invitation via your email!! We’re looking forward to our students and staff connecting virtually!!

Be watching for random texts throughout the week....your child will be receiving links to get him/her MOV’IN & GROOV’IN!!

Be watching for Ms.Kelton’s Care Package!!

Below are some educational videos we used daily in class. Music is a wonderful and proven way to learn. Just click the links below the pictures to view the videos....

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Morning Announcement for April 20th

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April 20th -April 26th Birthdays

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Weekly Read Alouds

How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad

Paper Packet Students

All TRAILS and TSS paper packets will be mailed home.
'At-Home Learning' Paper Packet Drop-Off (Beginning April 13, 2020)

Bonham ISD Lunch Pick-Ups

Other Important things as noted...

Variety Show Contest Open to ALL Campuses and Students

Bonham High School Choirs

13 hrs ·

ham ISD (all campuses), but because we can’t meet in person, we’re going to take submissions of anything entertaining for a chance to win gift cards to local businesses and restaurants. We’re looking for dancing, singing, magic tricks, jokes, poetry, acting, gymnastics, anything interesting and entertaining!!!! The videos can be 20 seconds long or much longer. We’re going to post them on the BHS and LHR Choirs Facebook pages and get the public involved in watching and rooting for you. How do you win the gift cards? All you have to do is submit a video of yourself and your skill/talent that is school-appropriate and entertaining to watch to get in the drawing. The more submissions we get, the more gift cards you can win. There can only be one submission per person, so let your creative juices fly. The sky’s the limit! The cut-off for submissions will be Friday, May 1, 2020 at 1PM. We look forward to seeing these talents, these fun videos that show your skills, you joys! As always, email anna.waller@bonhamisd.org for questions or call/text at 314-635-0858. Email submissions to anna.waller@bonhamisd.org. Have fun!