newtons first law

sealt belt safety


Interia is how an object will resist a change in its motion.

proven facts about seat belts!

in 2009, 33,000 deaths happen because of car crashes and more than half of them were not wearing seat belt resraints.think about this alot of people read that and is like that wont happen to me well too bad it could at any moment think about aubrey she had no clue anything was going to happen to her well it did a week before she was going to begin high school. believe me it can happen at any moment.

some people who will and or have good and bad incidents with seatbelts.


i hope you have been convinced to wear a seatbelt everytime you ride in a car,but if not here are 3 questions you should ask yourself when you think and say do i need to wear a seatbelt its only over there?

1. do i wanna live to see tommorow?

2.should i live to see and grow with my loved ones?

3. do i wanna die?

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