Aerospace Engineering

Elise Ruane

What Aerospace Engineering is

Aerospace engineering designs, develops, and tests aircraft and spacecraft, like planes and rockets. Aerospace is divided to 2 branches, aeronautical, in the Earth's surface, and astronautical, out of the Earth's surface. I'm interested in pursuing a career in this field because I've always liked space and have wanted to learn more about it.

A Typical Day

In the case of a new aerospace engineer, they often work while being supervised by a more experienced engineer and has seminar training if the new engineer works for a big company. They get more difficult projects to work on when they have more knowledge and experience in the workplace.

Starting Salary

The starting salary changed by what type of degree a person has:

Bachelor's Degree: $53,408

Master's Degree: $62,459

Ph.D: $73,814

Education Needed

In high school, people interested in the aerospace field should take the science classes chemistry and physics, and the math classes algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. People in the field must have at least a bachelors degree in aerospace or a bachelors degree in a science field that must be RELATED to the aerospace systems. Some college classes recommended for the degree include general engineering and aerodynamics.


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