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Safety First!!!

Dismissal Procedures

  • On two separate occasions we have found REC students out of Jamat Khana facilities without parents. To avoid accidents, please be sure to come inside Jamat Khana to pick up your child from Room 2.
  • Parents should not release kids from the room 2 until you are ready to leave or go inside Jamat Khana, as kids run around and make noise in the lobby area. JK services are in progress inside and this causes disturbance.
  • Once you pick up your child please be sure to take them inside Jamat Khana. We will only dismiss students with adults prior to 6:50pm. After 6:50pm, students will be taken inside Jamat Khana prayer hall.

Saturday Varo

It's 2nd Grade's turn to do varos in Jamat Khana this Saturday. If your child is in 2nd Grade, please contact Salima Fumakeya (sally3456@ymail.com) for a varo. It would be help bring your child early at 3:00pm so we can hear your child out if they are planning on reciting a varo in JK.

If your child performed a varo, please be sure to receive 2 tokens from us to turn in to your for punches on your punch card.

Let's Look Inside REC

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Katy REC Calendar for 2014

•Oct 11th – PCJ month 2 Due (Jamati Satada)

•Nov 1st – PCJ month 3 Due (Paach Baar Saal Majilis)

•Nov 8th – Open House

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