His Rotundity

John Adams

John Adams Jr.

Was a lawyer, and served in many positions in the government. He was the President in 1796, but won by a narrow margin, his term was the last time a Federalist was a President. He ran again in the Election of 1800 but lost to Thomas Jefferson, his Democratic-Republican Vice President. They had to redo the vote multiple times due to a tie.

One of the few Presidents to serve only one term.

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Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798

Sedition Acts specifically limited the rights of individuals such as speech and press. More than 20 news reporters were arrested and some even put in jail. Opposition to the government was prohibiited, including speech, writing, or publishing anything about them. This clearly violates the first amendments.

We got away from England for a reason bub.

Adams is said to have wanted the President to be called "Your Highness." Basically no one agreed with him. They even mocked the idea by calling him "Your Rotundity" due to his "full figured" body.

A Virginian representative, John Page even went further and made a few lines about Adams and his idea.

I'll tell in a trice-

'Tis old Daddy Vice

Who carries of pride an ass-load;

Who turns up his nose,

Wherever he goes,

With vanity swelled like a toad.

John Quincy Adams

His son became the 6th President, and even he, was not a Federalist. This apple must've rolled away from the tree.

Sore Loser!

He didn't go to his successor's, Thomas Jefferson, inauguration.
John Adams

Last Words; So Meaningful

"Jefferson still survives"

Still wrong, even on his death bed. Jefferson died a few hours before.

Both died on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.