Cenozoic Time Travel Trip

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One and a Lifetime Trip to the Cenozoic

If you join us, we will take you on an adventure to the past. We will explore to almost 70 million years ago, learning about how the environment of that time. We will explore and learn about the major events the occurred like, the Rise of Mammals, Many Ice Ages, and the Beginning of Human beings.

Comparing the Enviornments

The Cenozoic and Earths environment now, has sort of the same environment (not including all the buildings and modern architecture). Most regions that had mountains, lakes, rivers, etc., are all still there. But, if you talking about large forests with many tree and plants, many of those are probably gone because of deforestation.

Let's go see big animals cuh

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 4:15pm

Lexington, NC, United States

Lexington, NC

Trip Cost: $10,000

Need to Bring

  • Food
  • Water
  • First Aid

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