Oak Park Elementary Literacy Hub

Jan 2014- Feb 2014

Spring Break Book Return

Dear Parents,

Spring Break is approaching fast so I just wanted to make our parents aware of library procedures while we are off for spring break. Next week (3/17-3/21) will be book return for all students. If your student would like to have a book or two to read over spring break then you must visit the library with your student after school so that you are aware that your student has library books out that will need to be returned when we get back from spring break. If by chance your student owes money for any lost or overdue library books, the fine must be cleared up before they can check out books for the spring break. I have also included the information for other libraries that you all can visit during the spring break. Reading is not only fundamental but important, and it’s something that can be enjoyed as a whole family for FREE! J Thank you all for your continued support of the library and your child’s education. Enjoy your spring break.

Parent Resource Center

Don’t forget to visit the Parent Resource Center which is located in the Library. The Parent Resource Center helps in implementing successful and effective parental involvement policies, programs, and activities that lead to improvements in student academic achievement and that strengthen partnerships among parents, teachers, principals, administrators, and other school personnel in meeting the education needs of your children. The center meets the needs of our parents who are bilingual, English, and/or Spanish speaking and provide accessible materials and resources to correlate

with classroom curriculum. We have Read at Home Backpacks, Student Textbooks in English and Spanish for Parent Use, Alphabet Flashcards, DVDs and CDs, Parent Help Books, 211 Information, Literacy Information, Grade Level Reading Material, bilingual reading material, and much, much more. So stop by the school library and get a library card so that you can continue supporting your child’s education and enjoy reading together! Here at Oak Park our students and parents are very important to us and we would like to support our parents in supporting their children through reading, learning, and literacy.