1st Whisky Tasting 2013

Scottish Regions Tasting - The Big 6

Berlin Whisky & Wine 1st Tasting Session!

Scotch whisky is a mysterious and elusive spirit. If you've always been interested in Scotch but didn't know where to start, this is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge.
Craig McFadden, Scotch Specialist at The Berlin Whisky & Wine Shop in Florastrasse 37, 13187, Berlin, will guide you in a tasting of six single malt Scotch whiskies.
This 2-hr course introduces you to six distilleries, one from each of the tasting regions in Scotland, and answers these questions and more about single malt Scotch whisky:
Why do single malts differ in taste and color?
Why does some Scotch whisky taste smoky?
Is older, more expensive whisky better?
What is "peat"?
Is it "ok" to put ice in my whisky?
Where is the "Whisky Trail"?
Why does water intensify the whisky flavor?
How long can single malts be stored?
What does "cask-strength" mean?

6 Regions Whisky Tasting

Saturday, Jan. 5th 2013 at 8pm

Florastraße 37, 13187, Berlin, Germany


Number of bottles to be tasted: 6
Location: Florastr 37, Berlin, 13187
Price per person: €40.00pp
Included: Light hors d'oeuvres paired to the tasting menu
(Please advise of any food allergies. We recommend eating dinner before or after the tasting.)

Essentials of how to taste and evaluate Scotch whisky
The inside scoop on the six distilleries and regions you'll be sampling
The process of creating single malt Scotch whisky
What you liked!

Tasting menu with: distillery, region, age, price and nose, palate and finish tasting notes and the menu served which is paired to the tasting

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